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3 Ways to Keep Humidity in your Home with a Wood Stove
over 1 year ago

Hi, I love my wood stove and how it makes my whole nice and toasty. But one thing that I and my pets aren't so had about with my wood stove is how dry it can make the air. It's not just what stoves it's burning wood, in general, it does dry out the air. And it's something you really can't avoid but I want to share with you today three things that I've done that have really helped me be able to keep my humidity levels comfortable and continue to burn what.

Important of  humidity level

Now why it's important to keep the humidity levels up. It's already dry in the winter as well because it cools off but burning wood is only going to add to that and if it's left on unaddressed for too long it can lead to things. like dry itchy skin, it can make people with asthma have more problems or allergies have more problems. It can also even lead to uncomfortableness for your pets and leave you with a dry scratchy sore throat as well. So you need a best humidifier to keep humidity level comfortable.


Here are three tips to keep humidity in your home

There are three tips I'd like to give you today that is going to help combat that and they're really simple tips as well.


➤ The first tip if you've got a wood stove make sure that you're using a kettle or steamer on it. You can even get creative and come up with a pot but the kettles and steamers look nice and they serve the purpose and that's what they're designed to do. They're available in a variety of different styles. You can have one that looks great with your existing wood stove and they're also available in a bunch of different sizes. That you can if you're frequently burning I would recommend getting a larger one such, you can you don't have to fill it is often but if you've got a small wood stove like I've got. They also have ledge steamers or half sizes as well that will fit on yours as well. The Nice thing about kettles and steamers is the wood stove does the work for you without any added electricity costs. Because as the wood stove heats up it's going to heat that water and evaporate it and allow that moisture to be put back into the air in your home.


➤Another trick I've learned over in my five years with heating my home with wood is to stack some green or firewood not too close to your wood stove but near your wood stove. That it's going to dry out not only does that help that green fire would become dry firewood you can burn safely in your wood stove. But it's also going to be an additional way to put some moisture back in your air.


➤The third thing that I recommend to help keep the humidity levels up in your home is to make sure that your weatherizing your home. when I say weatherizing your home pay attention to any air leaks you may have in any crawl spaces or addicts anytime that that cold air can find a way into your home, you're only letting more dryer inside your home. Another important thing is to keep a hydrometer in your home. That's going to allow you to constantly know what the humidity levels are in your home. It also can help you catch a low humidity level before it comes dry itchy skin and that's how you know what's going on. The standard for comfortable humidity levels in the home is going to be between 30 and 50 percent. I hope you've enjoyed the tips I've shared with you today that I've to use to help keep the humidity levels up during the wood burning season.


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